Google Chrome restricts installing 3rd-party extensions for better security. The official method to bypass such limitation is to add custom policy. In current version (60) of Chrome, there is a policy entry for whitelisting extension called ExtensionInstallWhitelist. On macOS, one can easily add such policy by running the following command in Terminal:

defaults write ExtensionInstallWhitelist -array id

Replace id with your actual extension ID correspondingly. The ID can be found in chrome://extensions by clicking the “Developer mode” box. If you want to add multiple IDs, put id1 id2 id3, etc. after -array. Restart Chrome to take effect. To check if the policy works, visit chrome://policy. To remove the policy, simply run:

defaults delete ExtensionInstallWhitelist

This could help install open-source Chrome extensions such as BaiduExporter without warning.